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Why is our CBD Better?

When shopping for CBD, it's often difficult to know exactly what you're getting. We aim to take the guesswork out by making high potency products that are easy to dose, use, and most importantly...understand. Using Good Manufacturing Practices, we take a pharma approach to establish a consistent, precise, and reliable line of cannabinoid products. What you see is what you get. We design our products with everyone in mind, ensuring there is a form of CBD supplementation that's right for you and your lifestyle.

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"It’s been beneficial for me personally as I used to wake up with terrible anxiety for years. Within minutes of taking CBD from Bullhead Botanics, I am able to relax and face the day without anxiety weighing me down. My mood has improved along with my sense of overall well-being. These products have truly been life changing and I recommend it to everyone."

Supports anxiety relief with our 25mg cbd chewables

25mg CBD Chewables


"I’ve had trouble sleeping for years. I was prescribed Lunesta by my doctor. Then I discovered Bullhead’s CBD Bedtime Mints and I’ve never slept better. I take it every night and wake up feeling rested."

supports restful sleep with our 10mg cbd bedtime mints

10mg CBD Bedtime Mints


"I’m brand new to CBD and never really thought to use it. Then I was given a sample of the CBD Pineapple Face Cream and the CBD Eye + Wrinkle Serum. Now it’s a vital part of my daily routine. I honestly can’t imagine using anything else. My skin is so much healthier. Highly recommend!"

Uses our Daily Facecare Bundle for clear and healthy skin

Daily FaceCare Bundle


"I have been dealing with significant pain ever since I fell out of a tree stand while hunting. The pain cream I use from Bullhead has been one of this first and only things that has truly given me relief."

Uses our CBD Pain Cream to support pain relief

2000mg CBD Pain Cream
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