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Here's what people are saying about our products!

I have been having the best results with Bullhead Botanics CBD.

"As a father of a newborn and have a heavy work flow, I was coping with some serious stress and anxiety. Life is very hard as it is for everyone but I think at this point I was wearing it a bit more on my sleeve. The 25MG chewable is so easy to take and you know exactly what you're getting. I still have the same busy schedule, but I believe the subtle use of Bullhead CBD has given me clarity and more appreciation for the things going on in my life. It's just like taking a vitamin in the morning and the outcome has been wonderful. I'm so thankful for this product and Bullhead Botanics, as they have made my life much better day to day! I loved the CBD so much I even went and bought the pet friendly chewable for my pup. I highly recommend Bullhead for many applications to just about anyone, give it a shot!"

-Tyler, age 34

We have found that with Bullhead Botanics we have been very successful with helping these dogs go on to live happy lives!

"In October, we took in a 7 year old Chocolate lab that had lost her owner and the family did not want her. They rehomed her to a family and they could not deal with her due to her suffering from separation anxiety. I started her on Bullhead Botanics immediately to help relax and continued the dosage throughout the day along with a structured  behavior and exercise program. Within the first two days she was much calmer. We are always looking for all natural ways to help our dogs. Whether they are suffering from Separation anxiety, fearful of storms, or just being in a new environment. We have found that with Bullhead Botanics we have been very successful with helping these dogs overcome these issues and go on to live happy lives."

- Grace Benson 
Founder of Laura's Hope Rescue

Every product I have tried from Bullhead Botanics is as pure as it can be. I have had success with all of them.

"I have a shoulder condition that doesn't allow me to raise my arm above my shoulder without pain and discomfort. The 100 mg CBD pills allow me to make the movement without any pain and it gives me full range of motion. I also use Bullhead Botanics pain relief cream and that too makes a world of difference in my aching joints. I recommend this to anyone suffering from joint pain, limited mobility, and arthritis. In the morning I use Bullhead Botanics CBD Pineapple Mango face cream. It is so light yet extremely moisturizing. After a long day, on a clean face, I apply Bullhead Botanics Wrinkle Cream. This is diminishing the wrinkles around my eyes. My 8 yr old golden-doodle suffers from extreme anxiety on days that I leave for work. I give him Bullhead Botanics CBD Pet Calming tabs and it takes the edge off and he is fine for the day. We are at a point with his age that I am going to start using Bullhead Botanics hip and joint CBD tablets also."

- Debbie H. age 60

We could not have done that without Bullhead Botanics!

"I purchased the CBD for my 12 year old beagle. A trip to the grocery store was a challenge with the car ride for him. We took him to Alabama a few months ago and we could not have done that without Bullhead Botanics! He was so comfortable and it made our trip an awesome success! We were so concerned about making the 12 hour trip with him that we didn't realize how much it also helped with his inflammation. He continues to have the bounce in his step again! Thanks to all the hard work that you put into your products!'

- Kim C. age 54

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