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Article: The Benefits of CBD Tablets

The Benefits of CBD Tablets

The Benefits of CBD Tablets

The Benefits of CBD Tablets - If you’re like the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain, restless sleep, or anxiety, daily life can seem like a challenge. More and more people are finding natural relief thorough CBD supplementation, whether it be tinctures, gummies, or vapes. However, there's a better way to add CBD to your daily routine, CBD Tablets. If you’re not familiar with these innovative supplements, here are three benefits of CBD tablets that will make you want to switch from CBD tinctures, gummies, and vapes.

Benefits of CBD Tablets

CBD Tablets are More Convenient than Other Methods

The Benefits of CBD Tablets

CBD Tablets are hands down the easiest way to take CBD. They're more convenient than other methods, like smoking or vaping, which can not be done in most public places. There's no measuring droppers of oil into your mouth which can spill and cause a mess. Gummies may seem like a good alternative, but they're often full of sugar and can also melt in warmer climates, leaving you with a sticky mess in your pocket, purse, or hot car. Nothing rivals the portability, stability, or ease of CBD Tablets.

Benefits of CBD Tablets Consistent Dosing

CBD Tablets offer the same dose every single time due to their rigorous quality standards. With a CBD tablet, you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you are taking, which makes it more consistent than drops of oil. It's impossible to know how much CBD your inhaling when smoking or vaping. Gummies can vary in size and potency if not correctly manufactured. With a CBD tablet, you can easily find the dose that works for you and keep the dose that works for you.

Benefits of CBD Tablets Easy to Take

The Benefits of CBD Tablets

Additionally, tablets are also easier to take on-the-go. Traditional tablets can be swallowed easily with a bit of your favorite drink, and chewables can be directly eaten and working within seconds. They are more shelf stable in different climates, and also pack lighter than a tincture or pack of candy gummies, which is important for outdoor enthusiasts or people with an active lifestyle. With CBD beverages, most people find it more convenient to swallow a pill than chug an entire CBD drink, or carry it around with them. There is no easier method to travel with than CBD Tablets.

By Brian Davis, Quality Manager at Bullhead Botanics

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