CBD Fruit Punch Chewables 25mg

  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • THC Free
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Made in the USA with 100% GMP Certified Ingredients

CBD Fruit Punch Chewable Benefits*

  • Supports Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Supports Calming of the Nervous System
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • 25mg CBD Per Chewable. 750mg CBD per Bottle.
  • Easy. Accurate. Reliable.

To learn more about the many benefits of our CBD Chewables, check out our complete blog article.

Our CBD chewables are the ideal method for a quick boost in supporting:

-Stress and Anxiety Relief
-Calm and Relaxation
-Mild Pain and Mobility Issues
-A restful night's sleep

Our CBD Chewables are more convenient and carry much easier than a traditional tincture, gummy, or vape. No worries about it spilling in your purse or pack, or having it melt away on a hot day. The compact 25mg dose delivered by these tablets make it great for supporting natural relief from anxiety, stress, and mild pain. No bitter or off-putting taste, just chew and enjoy! Find your dose, and keep your dose.

Many people choose CBD gummies for anxiety or stress relief, here’s why our CBD Chewables are better.

-More Consistent and Accurate Dosing.
-Packs lighter. Take anywhere. On-the-go relief.
-No Melting. No sticky mess. No Worry.
-No Bitter Taste. Just chew and enjoy!

Healthier, 100% GMP Verified Natural Ingredients.

-<1 Calorie of All Natural Cane Sugar. NO Corn Syrup.
-100% Vegan. NO Gelatin.
-All Natural Plant and Fruit Derived Flavors. NO Artificial Flavoring.
-Coloring is completely derived from fruits and vegetables. NO Artificial Coloring.

For first time users, start by chewing 1 tablet. Wait 90 minutes in between doses to allow the tablet to take effect. Increase the dosage by 1 tablet until the desired effect is reached. Always work your way up gradually in small increments as CBD affects everyone differently. You can always take more later. For a more comprehensive guide to dosing CBD, please visit our CBD Usage Guide.

Keep away from children. Do not use if you are advised against eating grapefruit. Pregnant and nursing should consult a physician before use. Store in a cool dry place for best preservation. Use within a year of opening.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Full Disclaimer Here

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