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How Bullhead Botanics Started

 We started Bullhead because we saw a need for honesty in the CBD market. As avid outdoorsmen, Soreness, pain, injuries, and overall "hurting" has been a common theme in life. As doctor visits started adding up, and as taking more and more pills was recommended,  CBD became a more natural alternative to big Pharma for feeling better. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD offered relief in many aspects of our physical and mental wellbeing.

However, finding reliable products that worked every time was almost impossible. We'd try one CBD tincture and love it. Then try another brand with similar label claims and come to find it did nothing, and with closer inspection realizing that it hardly contained any actual CBD! We'd spent $100 on essentially a very small bottle of hemp flavored cooking oil, feeling cheated, scammed, and honestly stupid. We've heard this story over and over again when talking to people about CBD. No one wants to spend their money on something that they can't trust and don't understand. Unfortunately, due to minimal regulation in the CBD industry, almost anyone can label a mystery elixir and call it a CBD product.

As CBD users, we deserve better.

So, we founded Bullhead in an effort to get honest, reliable, and affordable CBD products into people's hands. Any of the other dietary supplements we take (vitamins, minerals, etc.) undergo a thorough process of checks and balances to ensure they're accurate and safe. We believe CBD should be held to the same standards. Our products are made to the same standards the FDA requires for dietary supplements, and we have the certifications to prove it. We aren't required to, but to us it's extremely important to have this peace of mind and confidence into anything we're going to put into our bodies. 

Everything we sell is manufactured in our facility we built from the ground up, following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), ensuring everything that goes into the products is verified, and all final products are third party lab tested. 

As a CBD users, we want the ability to accurately and easily dose the amount of CBD we need. If we want to increase or decrease the amount, we want it to be accurate and easy. When we need to repeat a dose and get consistent results, it needs to be accurate and easy. How do you accurately and easily dose almost any medication? Again we looked to daily supplements, and that answer was tablets.

It seems like a simple solution, but it wasn't. We spent 2 years and countless hours of research and development figuring out the best way to get high quality CBD and other Cannabinoids into tablets that perform well and taste great, and we continue to improve them everyday with better performing natural ingredients.

We applied the same concept to topicals and cosmetics. We strip away dozens of the unnecessary fillers found in many lotions and creams today, and make products that feel great with the added performance of high potency CBD.

And we'll continue to always apply the same philosophy of honesty, accuracy, and affordability for every new product we make. 

What's with the Fish?

Around 1916,  Great Great Grandfather TJ Jones bought a parcel of land in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was a pasture at the bottom of a valley. All the creeks from the surrounding hills flowed downhill into this valley. It was wet, swampy...and I'm sure it was smelly. TJ got the grand idea to dam up the end of this pasture, and soon a very large pond began to form. Eventually this large pond grew into a small lake, and what does every lake need?

Fish of course.

One of TJ's favorite fish was the "Bullhead". A resilient, tough, and surprisingly tasty type of catfish common in the area. Bullheads are so resilient and tough, TJ and his friends could catch a bunch of Bullheads at a neighboring pond, load them into his car's trunk filled with wet hay, and drive them all the way back to the lake alive and well to unload into the murky water. They survive the harshest winters, the warmest summers, the floods, and the droughts. The slimy substance they produce to protect their skin has long been used as an ancient remedy for healing wounds, cuts, and bruises. 

Bullhead fish CBD Cannabinoids

Our family still catches Bullheads to this day at the lake, over 100 years later. The long history of family gatherings fishing for Bullheads is a highly valued tradition. The bond of friends and family we've had for generations at our small nature preserve is unbreakable and resilient, just like the Bullhead itself. That's why we chose our favorite fishy friend as our mascot. It's a symbol for healing, resiliency, and happiness all around. They're also cool lookin'!

(Our logo was done by  Peter Maria, you can find his art and tattoo work here)

Bullhead Botanics is a family owned and operated business, and we treat it with the same care and hard work that TJ and future generations have put into the lake for the past 100 years.