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Lab Results

Click a product name and corresponding batch number to link to the lab results. Products are listed in date order. Third-party testing of CBD products ensures the purity, consistency, potency, and safety of the product. It provides unbiased test results for transparency and should be done by a lab that is completely unrelated to the company that it’s testing for.

 40 mg CBD Pet Hip and Joint Treats 20230825-01

40 mg CBD Pet Calming Treats 20230410-01

10mg CBD Isolate Mints 20220103-01

10mg CBD Isolate Bedtime Mints 20220104-01

100mg CBD Pet Calming Chew Tablets 20220105-01

100mg CBD Isolate Tablet 20220119-01

100mg CBD Isolate Tablet 20230425-01

25mg CBD Isolate Fruit Punch Chewable Tablets 20220425-01

25mg CBD Isolate Black Cherry Chewable Tablets 20220429-02

25mg CBD Isolate Black Cherry Chewable Tablets 20230425-01

 25mg Delta 8 Strawberry Chewable Tablets 20210615-01